From Spartanburg, SC Nick BurningUp Blaze fell in love with hip hop and rhymes at an early age. Recording personal songs and doing karaoke, Blaze decided to build a craft with his music because he knew he had what it took to be of the greats. Starting in middle school, Blaze recorded a lot of mixtapes and distributed them amongst friends, family, and classmates. In late 2012, Blaze decided to take the music more seriously and pursue it as a profession. Honing his skills and building upon his natural ability to lace the track, he started dropping mixtapes online. The people began hear his music and interact after his latest series 'The Blaze Tapes', garnered a major buzz across the entire southeast US. Having already released his freshman debut LP 'The Young C.E.O' to critical acclaim,  Blaze is currently gearing up for his sophomore album 'The One'.